How to Tie KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier | Regular Hold | Fits Plus Sized Mommies - Here are a few steps to follow for KeaBabies Bbaby Wrap Carrier - • Fold the baby wrap into half with KeaBabies logo in the middle and wrap it around the stomach with each side towards the back. • Cross the wrap behind your back to form a "X". • Pull both ends of the wrap through the front under the logo. • Pull both ends and cross it over to wrap behind your back. • Cross them over your back and tie a double knot at the back or the sides whichever is more comfortable for you. • Now you can put your baby in • Hold the baby with one hand over your shoulder. Gently move the baby’s leg through the inner layer then shift baby to the other shoulder. • Repeat the same for the other leg. • Shift the baby to another shoulder and repeat the same. • Spread the wrap both sides under the baby’s bottom. • Put the baby’s leg through the logo part of the wrap. Do the same for another leg. • Keep holding the baby’s bottom all the time. • Pull up the logo outer layer over the baby’s back and shoulder. • There you are now, perfectly hanging the baby over you! Do not rush. Take your time. Happy wrapping!